Job Type
Annual Comp


The Role

The Contract Writing position is for 40 pieces of content per month (roughly 10 per week)

What We'll Provide

  • Access to all the tools you'll need to write thorough content
    • Clearscope will be used to surface the top competitors, and give a breakdown of all the most important topics to cover, as well as a 'grade' for topic coverage
    • Never heard of Clearscope? No sweat - we've got full process documentation ( screen share videos for easy rewatching if you ever get stuck - a quick demo of the platform can be found here)
  • Clear line of sight into what's coming up
    • You'll start each week with the next twenty assignments in the queue - so if you want to get ahead on a month, you can
  • Flexibility
    • Write whenever and wherever you want
    • As long as we close the week with ten finished pieces, your schedule is up to you

What You'll Do

  • Work through the assignment queue
    • All assignments will be organized in one Google Sheet, giving quick access to the needed tools and background info
    • Each month's work will be broken into four chunks of ten
      • The order within each chunk of ten won't matter (outside rare occasions) so which you write on a given day will be up to you
      • A chunk of ten assignments should be completed each week (Months don't have four perfect weeks, so the tail end of months will likely be a bit light)
      • Each assignment/content piece will be roughly 1,200 words (On average - every now and then we'll have a double assignment for a longer piece, but they'll count as two)
    • For each piece, you'll get a target topic, links to competitors who've already done a good job in this area, and a grade target to hit in Clearscope
    • Our major topic areas will have style guides provided for overall tone, but also some specifics
      • As an example, the ADT lawyers are very picky about them not having 'packages' but rather 'service levels' 🤷‍♂️
  • Almost never have meetings
    • Aside from a Zoom or two in the very beginning as we get going, all communication can happen over email and (from our side) Loom videos for any feedback
  • Work less hours over time
    • We generally stay within ~4-5 broad topics
    • After the first few months of writing ~10 pieces/month on home security, you'll very likely get much faster than you were in month one (but your comp stays the same)


  • The role pays $30,000 USD per year
  • You'll send invoices over on the 1st and 15th of each month - you'll get paid within 48 hours (if you accept online payments - we strongly recommend for this, it's the best $15 a month you can spend, and your tax person will thank you)


Shoot an email to ian (at) and include...

  • Examples of things you've written (3-5 would be great)
  • Why this role seems interesting
  • Any questions you have